Thanks for stopping by. 

So this is the new version, sparse in it's design, and thus farewell to the last one which, with all it's refinement, I never really did understand how to use. I'm on top of this one though, inshallah, and look forward to it becoming the kind of central hub for all my musical activities, kind of like how a website should behave.   

Check out the little audio player at the bottom of the page, I'll change around tracks from time to time and no doubt put some obscure bits up occasionally too - everything's connected for the first time!

If you spot any obvious blunders do drop me a line and likewise if you have an idea for content that's not already here, or something else, feel free to suggest. The beard is probably a temporary addition, we don't have to get into that immediately.

Musically, this is an exciting time - this coming Sunday a few more figures from my CD collection come to life as Graeme (Stephen) and I take to the roads of Scotland with Trilok Gurto, Paolo Fresu and Omar Sosa. If you're within driving range of a large centre of population (in Scotland) then you'll be able to get to one of our gigs I reckon. See the live page.  

There's more too, but I'll write about that another time soon.  

All the best!