SLOW STREAM by FRASER FIFIELD TRIO, 2005  (CD only £8.00) 

 Featuring drummer Stu Ritchie, guitarist Graeme Stephen and the composer Fraser Fifield playing low whistle and soprano sax, this album of beautiful and innovative folk/jazz works was recorded over a two day session in 2005, near Edinburgh. The group performed regularly throughout Scotland and further afield for several years.  Among the many original compositions on the album is a version of the piobaireachd, Lament for the Children by Donald Mor MacCrimmon, also arrangements of traditional music from Sweden, Ireland and Brittany.

"At once lyrical and radical, playful and soulful, talented and innovative - it’s music that places Fifield somewhere between Michael McGoldrick and Jan Garbarek" ( Sue Wilson,The Scotsman)

Track listing:

Slow Stream / Snow Angel / Strathspey A93 / Before And After / Lament For The Children / Are Polska / Smoke Signals / Leitrim Fancy & The Cockled Old Man / South Of Here / Suite De Larides / Kaval / Fa Wid Wearie In A Wid / One Less Than Too Many / Eitnach / Dark Reel